Comfortboxen mobile cabinet

  • External dimensions: 610 x 455 x 200 mm
  • Each compartment dimension: 65 x 100 x 170 mm
  • Weight: 13 kg

SKU number:
Comfortboxen mobile cabinet SE1801 – Key lock
Comfortboxen mobile cabinet SE1811 – Combination lock
Comfortboxen mobile cabinet SE1821 – RFID lock

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Comfortboxen mobile cabinet is a cabinet for collecting a large number of mobile phones. The wall-mounted cabinet can be used as a mobile collection by students during the school day but also in workplaces to create calm and mobile-free work environments. The 32 compartments are locked with a key on the front that prevents unauthorized access to the phones. The safety glass in the door has numbered compartments and makes it easy to see who has handed in their mobile phone.